Main Stay Yarn

i have a Sweater i am making and i have ran out of yarn. I bought the yarn from Wal-Mart a year ago and they don't sell yarn at the Wal-Mart down here no more. I would like to know where can i find Main Stay Yarn at.


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You can buy Mainstay yarn on eBay -- depending on what color you need. Do a search online for Mainstay yarn. That's how I saw the yarn available on eBay. Good luck

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They haven't had Mainstays out for a while.

...probably for folks like me. I left out of OUR Wal-Mart with about three cartfuls of pound skeins.

I would probably do what TomH suggested and try ebay.


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If you can't find the exact yarn to match or even something close, this could be a good opportunity to let yourself go and be creative with the sweater you are knitting- imagine a design change and go with it. Have some fun with your project- you're in charge!