Alright gents, I've hear rumors of knitting men in my area, the west burbs of Chicagoland, so its time to get a group together! Who is out in the west burbs? Who wants to knit? There are a number of venues available, but for now the tentative meetingplace is the Starbucks in South Elgin! This is perfectly able to change after the first meeting, however. Posters are in the making and coming to a yarn store near you, so keep your eyes open!!!

And so beings K-Tog, the first men's knitting group to grace the west chicago burbs...

PM me for contact information!


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Is DeKalb considered the west burbs of Chicagoland?

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I;m not in the west burbs, but I'm in Madison, WI for a month or two, so if you ever come out this way drop me a line and say hey! (and I'll be in Chicago the weekend of the 17th as well, though not sure what my schedule will be like) Feel free to PM me if you want.