First time

Ok so its my first time and somethings are good tight- but not when you cast on!! arrrgghhhh!!!


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Yes, you must be careful! Usually slow, smooth tension helps with tightness! Welcome to the group!

My first row is usually tight after casting on then it gets looser.
As Gabriel says welcome to the group. We' re a friendly bunch of guys in here.

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Casting on, when you pull the yarn to tighten it around the needle, I make a point of not snugging each stitch up against the previous one.  If you pull the yarn tale away from the stitches as you tighten that stitch, you can control how close it sits on the needle to the last stitch and leave some space between.  That helps to control the tension.  You can also cast on using a bigger needle or two needles if you're finding the first row is too tight, but don't make a big jump up in size or your cast on can end up looking sloppy and loose.