Pics on Left of Screen

I am new to the site and still trying to figure things out. When a pic. appears on the right hand side under the 'Search' button, is that just a picture that the site randomly chooses from pics people post to their blogs? Sometimes when I click on them it will give the name of who posted it and sometimes I can trace it back to a blog but other times I can't. And if random from the blogs, how far back in time do they go?


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hey there! I anm knew to the sight as well, so not much help. But on the home page the guy in the middle of the page is the owner, I am pretty sure. You can click on him and email him you question.

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The pics on the right are totally random. They are pics that, at some point, have been uploaded to this website. I have been a member for almost one year and some of the pics are older than that.

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They're random pics from the files...we've been here for about three years...but Darrel revamped the not sure if the pics go that far back...

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I've been an active member of MWK for the 1 year 45 weeks and I am amazed at the number of photos that show in that box that I have no recollection of ever having seen before! In fact, I know they are new to me so I wonder how I missed them in the first place. I like this feature that Darryl added when he did the revamp. I'm guessing that they are from the pool of all photos ever posted here with the exception of members' personal photos; only Darryl knows for sure. Whatever it may be, I enjoy seeing them.

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