Fair Isle Men's glove pattern

Would anyone out there happen to know where I can obtain a men's fair isle glove pattern.

I have gone to about every yarn store in Minneapolis looking for patterns/leaflets/books. I can't find anything suitable on the internet.

I am looking to make a pair of gloves on a size 2 or 3 needle w/ double knit weight yarn.

If worse come to worse I could adapt a glove pattern I have knit several times over that calls for sport wieght on a size 5 needle and figure out gauge and include a fair isle pattern. Just wanting not to have to think that all through.


Here is an addy that has several glove patterns for men:


They're all over the net and interjecting a Fair Isle pattern is a no-brainer. Find or create a pattern that you like in the colors that you like and then combine it into the glove's pattern using simple graph paper. For instance: if you have, say, 45 sts. across the top of the glove, then you'll create a repeating pattern that uses that many sts., more or less.

You can even run the pattern or portions of it up the tops of the fingers OR all the way around them. The main point here is that a glove is a glove is a glove. What yarn you use and what colors you use are secondary to the garment.

If you REALLY want to get anal about this graphing business, there are tiny programs out there for free and for sale that you can install on your machine that will allow you to design and calculate the sts., the amount of each color you'll need, etc.

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Thanks for the link. I have looked at all the patterns for men's gloves on knittingpatterncentral.com.

I am looking for a base men's glove pattern knit on a size 2 needle. I am going ot incorporate my own fair isle pattern, however I would like to find a "base" to work off of for guage.

Let me know if you come accross anything. Thanks for the help!

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There's one in the Knitting (Man)ual that's pretty straight forward, although it uses a "twisted stockinette" stitch. I think it'd probably work well for a base pattern. My only suggestion is to make sure you don't make your fingers too short -- that's what I did :-(

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Perhaps your local library may have a book of Fair Isle patterns.