Make Yarn look Healthy Again

Is there a way I can make yarn look like it have it's shine again when I first bought it, if so how?


Nope. Don't think so. What's happened to the yarn is called fulling. As you knit with it, the oils and moisture from your hands have been introduced into the fibres and as a consequence, fulling has happened. When taken to the extreme, such as when you want to felt a garment, this action is intentionally used and the result is that the fibres become tangled to the extent that they are fused in a hopeless mess that is quite indestructible.

At the knitting level, it's just a minor fulling event but it "do" happen. With 100% virgin plastic yarn from Michael's or Wally World, you don't get this effect. The fibres are smooth and don't have the barbs that animal fibres do.

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~Mike in Tampa
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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Which kind of yarn! if it is wool that's a very hard task to do as Mike told you before. If it lost color because of exposure to light, enviromental causes. What kind of yarn are you talking about and where was this yarn stored? You may not be able to restore your yarn, but by sharing you maybe able to avoid the same mistale twice.