Any SW Michigan Male Knitters?

I know the season is starting to get busier and busier for many of us and the idea of another "meeting" probably seems overwhelming, but I was wondering how many male knitters there are in SW Michigan.

I live near Holland (actually, I essentially live half way between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo) and would be willing to host some kind of knitting group... If there are too many people, I have access to an entire church full of rooms :-) If the season is busy, maybe something in the new year. Either way... are you out there?

(I have only met one of you... online, not in person and think "hmm.... there must be more!)

Any Chicago people come up this direction? (We're only about 3 hours outside Chicago and a lot of Chicagoites come to South Haven, Saugatuck, Grand Haven for weekends & vacation....) Maybe we could schedule something to coincide with your trip up.

Sundays are difficult for me (occupational hazard!) but other than that I'm often pretty flexible (time wise... of course!)

Just wondering....

Grace and Peace,


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Hey, Tim... actually, I have family in Mattawan! I don't get up there too often but will be sure to let you know when I am in your neck of the woods.

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I visit my daughter in Grand Blanc...near Flint.

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I'm in Flint, more central MI than SW, but just a few miles from Grand Blanc, where Bill visits. We do camp from time to time in Saugatuck/Douglas area and were just in Grand Rapids for Bearfest4. Had I known beforehand, could have arranged to visit a few LYS in your area. Unfortunately, it's too far to drive for classes for me, working 2 jobs. Perhaps next summer we'll be out that way.

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Hey Tim...
Hello form SW Michigan, Niles. Lets try and talk sometime. Barry- teh Kilted Knitter