Yarn Shop Hop

Well, this weekend was the kickoff for Atlanta's Yarn Shop Hop - visit 10 yarn stores in 10 days, and be entered in a drawing for 1000$ worth of yarn or related paraphenalia, and other prizes. Since I work weekdays, and next weekend is booked with a bonsai workshop, I managed to visit 9 shops in 2 days. Whew!

My credit card company is probably going to call...sir, did you make these purchases, or has someone stolen your card!

One of my purchases was: The Knitting Man(ual) - cool projects and tips for male knitters. Also purchased sock yarns from local dyers, and a sweater project in Shetland Wool, even picked up a dog lead I-cord project in a Noro yarn.

Twas fun, and my stash is happy!


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Oh I love shop hops! the local quilt shop does it here. Unfortunately most of the nice yarn shops have closed in my area and I now do all my yarn shopping online.

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