Cross Stitch turn into Knitted Pattern

Is there a way I can turn a cross stitch pattern into a knitted patterns. B/c I have a pattern of a cross stitch angels I love and i want to take it into a knitted afghan.


Of course you can.

On your chart you have a series of boxes with symbols in them identifying colors. This chart is your knitting chart. Simply follow the chart and knit your afghan. If the pattern has many colors you'll need to use bobbins for your different yarns. You can go out and spend lots of $$$$ on bobbins, but I prefer to just use small pieces of cardboard or notepad backing as bobbins. Just wind on several yards of each color on each bobbin and then knit away. NOTE: cut a notch into the cardboard so you can secure your yarn until you need to use it.

~Mike in Tampa
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