The Opposite of a Tinfoil Hat?

I whipped up this hat over the past couple of days for three reasons:

1. A Christmas present for my younger, video game obsessed brother.

2. To learn how to weave colors behind the work for stranded knitting.

3. To learn how to use two circular needles to do small diameter work.

While I'm certainly not the first person to make a hat based on Space Invaders, I couldn't find a pattern that actually used the true sprite maps from the game. So, graph paper in hand, I designed my own. (Well, combined Atari's designs with a basic hat pattern, anyway.)

I've attached a pdf file with the directions, in case anyone else has a friend or family member that would appreciate one of these. Note that I didn't spend much time writing up the pattern, so it is a little sketchy, but should be sufficient if you've made a hat before.

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That's so great! Actually, I have a couple questions...

1. Do you have to use a special kind of graph paper? Aren't stitches taller than they are wide (i.e. not square like squares in graph paper)?
2. I'm learning the stranding method myself and was wondering about the weaving behind. Have you found directions/explanations that are clear?

The space invaders are wonderful. Way to go!!



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While there is special knitting graph paper, stranded knitting stitches end up being almost equal width and height. So, I just used normal graph paper to chart this out.

There used to be a great video on the Philosopher's Wool website that explained weaving behind, but the last time I checked the video was down for maintenance. sock pr0n has a decent pic intensive tutorial, but it only deals with how to weave the left hand (usually pattern) yarn behind.

Let me see if I can explain how to weave the right hand yarn... (1) put the needle through the stitch, (2) wrap the right hand yarn as if to knit, (3) wrap/scoop the left hand yarn as if "chasing" the last wrap, (4) unwrap the right hand yarn, which should now be trapped under the left yarn, (5) pull the stitch through. You should only weave every other stitch, and do the others as normal.

I hope this helps!

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I love the weaving!! Only tried it so far with the left hand (as on the sock pr0n site) but it's so great!! Now I'll try your directions. It will be much easier when doing this in the round and not having to purl. Thanks!


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Another quick question... so you don't do any of the carrying over if it's no more than 5 stitches? I've been reading that it's okay to do that, but I think the weaving every other stitch does make it look much nicer.


I carry over, but never more than 3 stitches. I have read it's OK to do up to 5 stitches.

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When I knit this hat, I wove in every other stitch even if I was only doing two stitches of a color. It was mainly for practice, but it did make the wrong side of the knitting much nicer.

The usual rule is "never a float of more than an inch." As long as you follow that rule, it really all boils down to how much you're willing to slow your knitting with weaving.

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This is such a great hat. I bet it was fun to knit and your brother is so lucky to get it.

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All I have to say is that this hat is absolutely briliant!

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This is so cool! Space invaders is still one of my favorite games! I actually had a the arcade game machine in my house when I lived in Vegas, but unfortunately didnt' have room in the truck to bring it with me when I moved to MI.

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