Knit one, Pour two

Hey, this is just a shout out to those in the Raleigh/Durham (NC) area...

Tonight at 7:00pm, we're meeting at Alivia's in Durham (in the Brightleaf district) for a little fun with knitting and booze! They have great food, and it's a very chill atmosphere. Any in the area are welcome to drop in!


Sounds like a good time! Sorry I'm 3000 miles away, or I'd be there. Did a Google search and sounds like a cool place to hang out, knit, and drink beer, coffee, or whatever. Have a great time.


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I like the title... can't join you as I'm in Denver. But I belong to a group called Knit One, Sip Two. We were also thinking about Sip One, Purl Two. Have fun!!


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*sigh* I miss Brightleaf, especially the cute waiters at Niko's. I also miss Francesca's. And I especially miss Elmo's Diner. And I even miss my little money pit in Lavender Heights.

That said, I'm glad to be back in Maine and where I can see the ocean every day. Now I just need to find the time to visit my sister in Durham and go back to the places I love (especially Elmo's).

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