Bunnykins Mug

I just couldn't resist the purchase of the Royal Doulton mug dated 1936. When you look at the photos, I think you'll agree it is a must-have!

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Gorgeous mug, what sensible bunnies.

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Adorable. Knit away little bunnies.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog We shall be dropping by for afternoon tea soon!

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I have to feel very sorry for the bunny in the second image. Forget about having the knitting wrapped around his head.... why is he trying to knit in the round with single pointed needles?

At any rate, a great find, and incredibly cute.

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Hahahahaha, sounds like something I'd do :/
Nice find, I probably would have passed it up, bunnies scare me.

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He reminds me of my last jumper and the attempts with those bloody DPN's! At least his stitches aren't falling off the ends! Of course, you're right about trying to knit with single point needles...

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I confess to having a Peter Rabbit eggcup...

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The best thing about being a bunny knitter is the unlimited supply of free angora.

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Hmmph! They must be Beatrix Potter bunnies - Thornton Burgess rabbits would KNOW to use DPS's - Mother West Wind taught them right!

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I was given one of these when I was a baby - not many years after 1936. When my mother died earlier this year I was able to reclaim it.

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What a treasure to have and cherish.