What took me so long?

I was at WEBS last friday - becuse hey, it was only an hour's detour from where I was going anyway. Too close to pass up a visit.

And I bought a swift. (among other things)

How have I existed without this handy dandy little device for so long? Winding 880 yards of laceweight merino took a half hour. that's 8 times faster then it usually takes me. If I hadn't been to lazy to setup the ball winder I also bought (among other things) I probably could have had it done sooner.

But may I say, it's probably a good thing I am 5 hours away from WEBS normally. However, now I know how to get there - and it's only a few minutes off the beaten path to my fall ren-faire. That doesn't bode well for my budget next september.


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You have infinitely more patience than I have. I think it took me winding two hanks of yarn before I rushed out (well, rushed to the computer) to get a swift.

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Can't say how you existed w/o one for so long. Now set up the ball winder, and it will take you only about 10 minutes to wind 1100 yards of laceweight. Thats what it took to wind my hank of yarn for a spiderweb hexagon shawl (pattern from Victorian Lace Today - as yet unstarted). The yarn I wound was Italian - Bellato/Bellatero/Bellagio brand 'Melody'/'Harmony', or something like that - over a thousand yards on the skein, from my LYS.

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So, does that mean that I'm wicked patient because I don't have any tools 'cept my knees spread wide open to hold a skein and winding by hand?


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Yeah, I just spread my knees and do it by hand too. Takes a while sometimes, but it gets the job done!

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Never tried it on my knees (can't really picture it either) but I've used at one time or another:
my feet, chairs, tables, keyboards, bureau drawers, doorknobs, broom handles, bird cages, other peoples hands, statues, other people's feet,a stuffed bear, and (once) a dog. It doesn't take that long to wind most worsted or sport weight skeins. Even fingering weight isn't bad.

But with laceweights I want something that isn't going to take me forever - as I said - usually about 4 hours to wind a skein; and there's a lot of times I don't have 4 hours! Or the luxery of leaving it setup so that it won't tangle.

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I have only a year and a half before my son runs off to join the Marines, then I must buy a swift or I'll never knit again.

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Mario, you've convinced me now, I really must get a swift and ball winder. Perhaps they'll help my shoulders last a few years longer LOL. Up until now I've been with the knees winders.

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If I am where I don't have access to the swift and ballwinder (like right now, when ours are at David's warehouse), I will wind a ball with skein around knees. I'm pretty good at winding a decent center pull ball and it usually doesn't take too long (I doubt I'd be saying that about laceweight, though). Still, I love, love, love the swift and ballwinder. They make it such a quick process, which leaves more time for actual knitting.

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I've been considering buying a swift and winder. Now I'm convinced.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste