Miguel's Aran

Just finished an Aran - something I don't knit very often. It was frustrating at times because of all the knitting and purling and keeping track of each pattern. I used Briggs and Little Regal in natural on 4.5 mm needles. Hope you can see the big cable in the back. The design of the sweater is mine but I got the pattern for the cables from various sources.

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That's really nice!! It's raglan sleeves right? Are you knitting the sleeves right onto the body as you knit up? I love all the cables.


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I did the sweater a la Elizabeth Zimmermann and joined the sleeves to the body and then decreased for the raglan.

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Very nice work, Ron, looks lovely and warm.

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You always do such beautiful work. I think this is a very sophisticated Aran. By that I mean it's not too busy and has just the right amount of texture to make it very attractive. Well done!

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Beautiful Ron. aran is my passion. I can't wait to finish my first.

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Beautiful! I'm jealous!!

Well done Ron. This is a beautiful Aran cardigan - with just enough Aran detail.

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Excellent work!!!

You did so well, and it fits him well, too...


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It looks both stylish and comfortable. I'm sure Miguel will enjoy it for years to come. (And if he doesn't, just say, and you'll have several volunteers to take it off his hands.)

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That cable on the back is impressive!
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The frustration is worth it. Fantastic job.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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The sweater is amazing. I have done aran/cable pattern sweaters in the past, but not as difficult. Its fits beatifully. I have always been a fan of raglan sleeves. GREAT JOB!

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so nice. i must gather courage to attempt one
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