Barcelona Tychus

I am making two of these hats in good old 100 % acrylic. The Tychus Hat Pattern


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I also made this pattern but while knitting it, I was aware that it would end up huge, so I just knitted four panels instead of the five in the pattern. How did yours turn out size-wise?

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I've knitted a few of this, the first came out HUGE, so I knitted another on size 7 needles, it came out perfect as a skull cap and for my son I did the same but added 8 stitches to the cast on and he loves it.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have done four panels when using double strands and five panels when doing single strand. You need lots of hair lol! Which as you know I keep under control lol!

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Why "Barcelona"?

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Becaus I liked the color combo of one of their flags

These are the colours of the Barcelona soccer team.