Tom Bihn Knitting Bag "Swift"

I was wondering if anyone has this bag, or know anyone that does. I came across it and thought that it looked nice, but wondering if I wanna replace my KnitPicks bags which I really like or maybe just add to them :P


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I have never seen this bag before but I'm glad you posted this. I have been looking for a nice bag with plenty of storage while still being somewhat low-profile. The majority of the nice ones, (well constructed with good storage yet doesn't look like you're backpacking across the Alps), come in super girly prints or are made to look like purses. And I can't do a backpack because I have some odd fear of keeping personal belongings behind me (I even keep my wallet in my front pocket). Hmm, alas I really don't have a spare $70 to plunk down on a knitting tote right now,(the Go-Go Bronco needed a nice chunk of work to pass inspection), but I will definitely keep this one in mind. From what I've read/seen it looks ideal to me at least. Tom Bihn does have a 60 Return Policy. Also, here's a review of the bag with some different pics


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I love shoulder bags that double as knitting bags. I like to have several around in different styles and sizes for different size projects. The small ones for socks and the larger ones for when the jumper gets sleeves and is too big for the smaller bags. I carry my tools in a separate carry-all so I don't need pockets. But, the one thing that the bag absolutely must have is a zip closure at the top. No matter how cool the bag may be, if there is no way to securely close it, then I won't purchase it. I must have the peace of mind knowing that nothing will fall out when it tips over.

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One of the things I'm doing for xmas is altering a backpack for my fiance, he has one already, but he would really like a few extras, like an seperation in the main pocket so he can put his project on one side, and spare yarn on the other, he also wants his accessory bag on a zip string so he doesn't end up losing it. So I'm going to try to redesign to meet his wants/needs.

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