BSJ in Progress


This is my first Baby Surprise Jacket, which I hope to finish in the next few days (wouldn't take that long if I didn't have to work, but there you go). The yarn is some hand-dyed I bought at Rhinebeck two years ago - a wool/mohair blend, if I remember correctly. The solid and the multi were two skeins dyed to be complementary, and I really love the way they're knitting up.

Once this is finished, I'll be sending it off to my cousin, who is stationed in Afghanistan at a base Northeast of Kabul. Aid agencies don't make it into these more remote areas as often, so the need is greater. While I won't be able to send much, I figure that every little bit will help.


What a wonderful gesture. Some mother will surely bless you.

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From the picture I don't understand the construction. Can you describe how you are knitting this? Thanks,

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The pattern is in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop (I believe it's also in The Opinionated Knitter). It is basically knit flat in garter stitch, with all the shaping being done by strategically placed increases and decreases. When it is finished, the garment is folded on either side and seams sewn on top of the sleeves/shoulders, and it's done. It's a very ingenious design.

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Nice! That's for me. Fewer of those pesky seams to sew together -- my nemesis.