Useful Items for Stranded Knitting

Here are two devices I found useful for stranded knitting. Neither is new but I thought I'd post about them for anyone who is considering this knitting technique.

The first is a bag to hold multiple colours of knitting wool. This is a reuseable bag for carrying bottles from the grocery store. I did a quick sew around the bottom to make it shorter so that the balls don't slide under the dividers. Total cost: $1.00.

The second is a colour card. I cut a piece of cardboard (from the pack of a pad of writing paper) and punched holes in it. I labeled the holes according to the colour numbers in the pattern. This was so much easier than trying to keep each colour ball in an individual ziploc baggie. I could easily refer back to the card when I was in doubt which was especially useful with the heather colourway.

The other item (not pictured) which I find indispensable is a set of stitch markers. I use them to mark-off the pattern repeats. This way, if I make a mistake, I catch it at the end of the repeat and I only have to tink back to the beginning. 12 -20 stitches are much easier than an 1-2 needle's worth of stitches!

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This is really neat Jesse. I'll have to look for one of these bags when I visit England next month.

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That bag is awesome! I've never seen one around here :( Gotta get me one of those.

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Christchurch seems to be way ahead of Sydney, I've never seen one of those bags here. What a good idea.

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Hey Kerry - we even have those bags in Adelaide!

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