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I just organized my stash...Since beginning of Feb ontil now..I been a yarn collector! I been buying so much yarn! I can't stop buying more yarn. You can see my pic of stash, controling my bed room!

Talking about Stash...I guess every knitters are agree with this on..It is so hard not buy the new yarn... One of Stephanie McPhee's book "Kntting Rules!" she point out FIVE REASON TO KEEP A STASH in this book..."If anyone ever tries to make you feel guilty about your stash, there are several thing you can point out."

"Five Reasons to Keep a Stash"

1. Some people collect rocks or seashells. Enough said.

2. Yarn, if you get enought of it, can totally act as house insulation, helping to cool your house in the summer and hold in heat during the winter. Lit's almost irresponsible, in the face of global cliumate change, hot to have a stash of yarn.

3. Wool is flame - retardent and what people in the fire business refer to as "self-extingushing." If someting self-extinguishing is exposed to a flame, when the flame is removed it will no longer burn. This means that (in my special little world) having an extensive woolen stash is practically a safety thing. Remind me to call my insurance company to have my rates lowered.

4. Speaking of insurance, a stash protects against any number of emergencies. What if you lost your job and could no longer afford to buying yarn? What if you had to move to a remote mountain pass in Nepal and couldn't get to a yarn shop without a five-day hike? What if, out of the blue, huge felted woolen car cozies became popular and the world's supply of fiber was eaten up by the auto industrym causeing wool scarcity and widespread panic among knitters everywhere? Better to be prepared. You never know when supply could dry up.

5.It's a way better alternative than drinking heavily or doing drugs, which is probably the way I'd spend my time if you took my knitting away.

SEE MY BLOG HERE "" MORE Pic about how i organized my stash!


I found that to be, help me explain why I save shipping boxes cause I know the time will come when I have to ship something and the box will be just right ;)

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LOL! yes you never know when you will need "a nice box" to pack something in it. A friend had come over to help me clean out my spare room and the first thing he did was throw out all my empty boxes. I got the last laugh when there were all these things that I was giving him because I nolonger had a use for them and he had nothing to put them in. "Looks like you could use a nice box1" He called me an ass, it's the beauty of our friendship.

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It's so nice to know I'm not the only one that saves them, I even have boxes for shipping material because I hate to throw it out. So I have a box filled with peanuts, one filled with bubble wrap, one with those air pillow things, etc etc etc. My children think I'm sick. But xmas is coming and I KNOW I have just the right materials to get thier gifts to them safely!

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Am I the only one that looked at that picture of his stash and thought OMG I have the perfect pattern for that yarn, and this pattern would look beautiful in that yarn!??

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The easy solution to stash? Invite a few knitting friends over and encourage them to take something - Your stash reduction will be almost instantaneous!

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