I subscribe to Interveave 'Knits' magazine and the latest issue continues a trend found in most knitting magazines of including little or nothing for men in the way of sweaters patterns, designs etc. I wrote to express my concern about this. To my surprise I received a reply that addressed the issue and did not try to skirt (!) around it. It was from Debbie Blair an editorial assistant with the publication. In part, her reply stated "Truthfully, we do not receive very many submissions of men's items at all!! We would love to feature more men's items on our pages, so if you or anyone you know knits original items for men, please direct them to our submissions guidelines on our web site! We'd love to see more men's items come in to our offices!" So, here is your chance guys. If any of you do design men's sweaters and so on why not give it a try?

To be honest it had not occurred to me that they did not get submissions. I just assumed it was an editorial decision since, despite all the yapping about men knitting, the 'real' buyers of yarn and stuff their advertisers sell, is women. I still suspect that is the case, to a large extent, but why not try taking her at her word and test out your designs and patterns? And if what she says is correct, maybe the other large knitting mags. are in the same position -- might be worth a try. Good luck all!


What she said makes sense...and I appreciate the openess to accepting male ideas.

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Thank you Alan!

What a great idea to send them a letter! Before I even finished reading what you wrote, I thought to myself "Maybe it's up to us!" It never occurred to me to submit something. Let's get busy.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

Two of the members on here have had patterns published. One is Kilgore Trout and the other is Brooklyn Tweed, so let's see some more of you very talented men submitting your patterns.

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We've had this discussion before (here or elsewhere) and the editors of all the knitting mags have begged for some submissions.

The problem is, I believe, that most of men's knitting is boring and the same (as all men's clothing). When someone comes up with something different, even another colour, most men won't wear it. (Remember when men didn't wear pastel shirts to work?) They seem to like the same old thing, in the same old colours, and never change until some woman comes along and throws out the old thing, and forces him to put on something new! There are some men that are very avant-garde, and we admire them for it, but "I could never wear that" is the usual phrase used.

If you have an idea for something that would fit you better or be more practical, then let us know. If you can't design it, someone else will be able to do it for you. Together, we CAN do better!

But is there anything nicer than plain knit silver grey tweed cardigan with elbow patches!? haha

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Despite the general paucity, I would say that IK usually has the best men's patterns that I've seen and they usually have at least one per issue. Not as much as I would like, but not too bad, considering all the reasons already mentioned.

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I have just taken delivery of a book of patterns for men. It is 'Classic Knits for Men' by Martin Storey. If you look at this site:
(look under products/books) you can see a large picture of each of the designs. I have had a quick look at all the patterns and I believe they can all be 'tweaked' to suit individual tastes. It is, however, cheaper to buy it on Amazon.