Greek Key Cap - Stranding Project

Well, it's finished. I got some suggestions on how to finish it off with the flat top. Basically divided it into 10 sections of 9 needles each and decreased each section every other row. I'm quite happy with it. Now to start another, and another, and another... this never ends... thank god.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Matt and I are heading to Tucson... very excited.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I really like this hat, it looks very nice. I like the way the top decreases make a dnice design as well. You did a Great Job!

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Turned out great! good job!

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I've actually taken it apart a bit... I don't like the rim around the edge at the decrease and I think it's too TALL. So, I've taken it back down to below the rim and will shorten it a bit (maybe 3/4") and then decrease without the one purl row so the top flattens out more gradually. We'll see... all very fun.