My beautiful niece, Jessica, turns four years old tomorrow and this afternoon was the birthday gathering.

I already had this Lion Brand "Homespun" scarf in Bubble Gum pink done up for her... then Friday night started up a cap to match... and finished it just in time! She graciously models in her frilly birthday dress!

Got to admit, my sister sure has cute kids... but once the sugar rush of the cake and ice cream kicked in... you can bet that Uncle Bill beat bricks to go back home!!!

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she's adorable, and I got to hand it to you, I just can't do anything with homespun, I find it frustrating to work with. Good job

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Your niece looks very happy in her new outfit. Well done uncle.
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I like the hat with the stem and tassle! Very "Hoo-ville!"
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well now that you mention Hoo-ville, Wouldn't she make the perfect Cindy Loo Hoo?

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