Weekend Knitting

I stole away to southwest Michigan this weekend.

Visited my mother-in-law and steam cleaned her carpets on Thursday & Friday in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday... but we took a break and hit the Handweaver's Guild of Kalamazoo sale at the Kalamazoo Valley Community College. They had quite a nice selection of hand made yarns. I met a wonderful woman from the Battle Creek area that raises her own sheep which she shears, spins and dyes into beautiful yarn. I got 4 skeins of her wool in a rich chocolate brown and am planning on making myself a pair of those wonderful felted slippers.

On Saturday, I took the slow roads west towards New Buffalo, MI to visit a cousin and she told me about a new shop in town called "Sit N Knit" (www.sitnknit.com). What a perfectly executed knit shop. The owners (and their kids) were there... free cappuchino, lattes, etc and they even whipped up some finger food for everyone to nosh on. Sinatra playing in the background. Great group of knitters from all over the country and wonderful conversation to boot! I spent about two hours there and it flew by! There is ZERO pressure to purchase anything... but they had a great selection of chunky baby alpaca that I just could not resist. The owners are a very nice couple... personable and colorful... and I hope to share more about them another time. The husband has written and published a knitting murder mystery book. I got an autographed copy and will be more specific once I get it read. If you ever find yourself in the Lake Michigan resort town of New Buffalo, MI - be sure and stop in! They are right at the main intersection in town!


Thanks so much for this information. Next time you go there, you might want to visit Marr Haven in Allegan, MI, too.

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whoa?! Dude... Allegan, Michigan?! That's where I live and I've never heard about it. I've got to go looking!

Grace and peace,

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A couple years back I did a motorcycle trip where I circum-navigated around the State of Michigan (including crossing the Mackinac Bridge on the bike!! WHOA!!). However, the remnants of Katrina moved north and cut my trip short so I stayed with family near Kalamazoo and visited Marr Haven Farms... and ate dinner at The Grill House in Allegan! It's a beautiful area.

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I'd like to know the name of the book- is it "Needled to death"? I saw this book at the Borders store but didn't buy it. Sinatra to knit by??

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The name of the book is "Cast On, Bet's Off: A Lisa & Max Devereaux Sit & Knit Mystery" written by Jack Olesker. In addition to the print version, it is downloadable as an audio book on at www.SitnKnit.com

I haven't read it yet... but am looking forward to it!