Silly Question #2 - Border Crochet

Alrighty, I realized yesterday that I taught myself to knit 16 yrs ago or so, but have only made a scarf and a blanket. So I really am a beginner!

Anyhoo...I just bound off the healing/prayer shawl. I did a chevron seed stitch. Of course the edges are curling. Is there a knit or crochet video online that will show me how to add a border? I assume that it may help with the curling.

Remember....I need visuals and am dang slow!~

Thank ya!

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Not a silly question at all. A great crochet border stitch to prevent curling is the reverse single crochet stitch (also known as the crab stitch even though I hardly ever see that term in the crocheting world). It's pretty easy to pick up and it leaves a great decrative "rope-like" finish. It's not the easiest to get just from pictures, so here is a video on Annie's Attic -- Hope that helps. Debbie Stoller also illustrates it in her book, "Stitch 'n Bitch" if you have it.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I have found that the single crochet border helps with the curling, you can visit my you tube channel , this video may

Reverse Single Crochet Border Video If this does not help I will make one when I come back from my vacation. This is a reverse single crochet.

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This video's really good!

Thanks guys! I will take a peek when I get home from work today! Thanks so much!