New FO

I just finished "Palindrome" in a black yarn for my sister for Christmas. Sorry, no pics because the black doesn't show the cabling at all. However, I'm doing the same pattern in a beige/ecru which should show up much better on camera. This was my first time with real wool (yes, I WAS a virgin until 2 weeks ago). I'm amazed at the feel, a noticable difference from the acrylic I used for My So-Called Scarf". Thank God, Michaels had a sale last weekend, ALL yarn 25-40% off.
Need to make one more snowman, too, for my part-time job's boss. Now, if I can find the pattern's only been a year. Pics of the duo coming soon.


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I did a pair of black mittens once with a nice big cable up the top of the hand and when I tried to get a decent picture, nothing showed up. In real life it was beautiful so I know what you are talking about. Your life will never be same now that you have started with wool. Your hands will be just itching to get knitting as wool feels so nice and seems to have a life of its own. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the one in ecru.

Well, what you do is dredge it in flour and...wait...wrong recipe....sorry