The Ubiquitous Scarf

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this space....9 different scarves going, 3 afghans, and 2 "side projects."
(and a partridge in a pear tree)

Nothing fancy, just back and forth knit/purl rows (and a little playing around)...with basically a month to go, I wasn't up for anything pattern oriented....Yet. If I get most of them done in advance, I might start a few more "involved" projects.

We're in Madison, WI until Xmas at least, possibly until January, so having a few extra scarves will be a good thing! Unlike our next destination, which is Ft Lauderdale. Maybe I should start a knit thong for there. (not that I'd wear one myself, mind you)

Speaking of Madison, if any of you ever find yourself here, be sure and check out ! Lots of lovely stuff in there, and the store just keeps going....and going....and going! Even has a *real* coffee bar and cafe...with a lovely wall of windows looking out over Lake Monona. A really lovely place.