Willie Warmer Update

I think I have perfected the glans up magic loop willie warmer. It took me about 5 tries. I knit the shaft in one color, and after I had enough length, I put the two sides on needle holders. Then I cast on with a different yarn and color on my circulars. I did 16 stitches on each needle for the shaft for a total of 32 stitches. On the contrasting color, I did 36. After I knit 10 of them, I grafted them onto the shaft using 3 needles, then I knit the 10 on the other side. Then I closed the loop in my second color and began to knit in the round. After I had about 2 inches, I began to decrease on each end of the needles. When i had 4 stitches, I did a 3 needle bind off. Then I had to turn that sac inside out, so my ball sac is in purl in a contrasting color. It looks nice. Now I just have to go around the tops of both sacs, picking up stitches, and knit about 10 rows and some eyelet holes and I'll be done. I'll post a pictures when I'm thru!



Cool, can't wait to see the pictures. I#m trying to figure out the magic loop method myself.............
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we wanna see pix of the FO....
and maybe some being modeled :P

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Well! I never! ;)

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hahaha you never? I dont' believe that for a minute! *grin*

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Why I oughta.................

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Well if you have never than you most certainly oughta! it's FANTASTIC!

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Hey there! It is taking you quite a while to finish that Willie Warmer - I guess it is BIG, huh? hahaha Happy Thanksgiving!