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I'm putting together a knitting project -- It's a knit 2-color labyrinth. I've been kind-of working on the chart for a while and it's basically finished. I want to work in Worsted weight with size 8 needles. The project is 91 stitches wide and 125 rows "tall." My gauge is approximately 5 stitches and 5 rows per sq. inch.

Here's the problem. I don't really know how to estimate the yarn. It's going to be in 2 colors, but I'm going to work the second color in the back (I've already practiced this and sort-of gotten the hang of it ... which was difficult to figure out on the Purl rows, but I'm looking forward to giving it a try.)

I'm hoping to pick the yarn up sometime this week and have no clue how much to get. I've already decided to spend more than I normally would and buy nicer yarn than...say... Hobby Lobby :-) But I don't want to spend TOO much more than I really have to.

Can you help? Teach me guru men (and women)!

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I don't know personally, but try these:




Good luck!!!


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Well, I suppose it depends a bit on which particular yarn you settle on, but judging from the estimators purly man listed and my own figuring on the planned finished size, I would expect you'd be able to do it with one 100g ball of each color. Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted and Patons Classic Merino are probably two of the most readily available and reasonably priced basic wool yarns on the market and both come in a good variety of colors, so unless you were thinking real luxury yarns, I would just select one of those and get two balls in each color. Then you'd likely have enough yarn to do an "inverse" version, as well. Or, you know, use it for a completely different project.

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