Fiddly Projects

Here are a couple of projects to pass the time until my knitting wools arrive from the Shetland Islands.

The first is a jumper for a 16” Sasha boy doll. It is done with left-over Shetland wools in 2 colours in a Nordic pattern. It is done in the round, seamless with cut steeks. Those who know Sasha dolls will appreciate why I went to all this work for a – doll!

Next, I purchased the “Learn to Knit with Harris Bear” kit from Patternworks:

It comes with a wonderful plush teddy bear, the house, a booklet, a toy, 2 different yarns and instructions. If you like this project, I have to give you some warning. The multicolour yarn was insufficient, the blue wool was full of spiky pieces of grass and the wool kept ripping apart as I knitted. The pattern for the beanie was incorrect, there were serious errors in the cardie pattern to the extent that it was impossible to knit! I can only recommend this if you want the house, toy and bear and can design your own garments for Harris. I have to give credit here to Patternworks. I emailed them with my complaints and they credited me for this product. I’m going to give this to a friend who is about to become a nan for the second time.

For some reason, I now have terrible RSI with burning in both wrists. It always happens when I knit these kinds of fiddly items. I can knit an entire adult jumper without a single problem. I'm a bit worried that sock knitting will produce the same undesirable effects.

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The little sweaters are adorable. I particularly like the Norwegian design. I am a sucker for Norwegian and for blue and white so everything about it is wonderful IMHO. Do you have a good book with Norwegian designs or do you get them from the internet? I have been knitting lately with only two colours and using allover patterns or faroese designs. Thanks for sharing . Hope that wool arrives soon. I am waiting for some before I head home.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Nice collection I love the Sweater. I time my knitting and sometimes my crochet. For every two hours I take an hour off. Inthis day and age when we do so much typing , our wrists get over worked. Doing some weights to strengthten the ligaments and muscles of the wrists is always good. Make sure youcheck with your Doctor or practioner about the correct excercises to make them stronger.
I sometimes use the spandex figerless gloves that are thermal and it helps a lot. Sometimes having a small pillow under your armpits helps as well. It is I believe about posture and tension. The joys of handcrafting lol!

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Someone wrote privately and said it is probably because of there is so little in the way of garment to hang on to. I think this is correct. I do stretches all the time to keep my wrists, fingers and forearms limber. I have used the Handeze gloves which I like. The good news is that this hasn't been a problem with the larger garments but only the small ones. I have another week (hopefully only that long) until the knitting wools for my next project arrive.

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Can't believe your Shetland wools still haven't frustrating.

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I don't think frustrating is exactly the word I'd use right now... I have lodged a complaint with the manager but it did no good. The problem is that they promise a shipment date but never communicate if it's delayed, there is a problem with availability, and the like. I ordered the wools on 23 October. After several emails earlier this week, I finally received one stating the wools would be sent the next day (Wed 21 Nov). So, we'll see. I can no longer recommend Jamieson & Smith. The only reason I continue to use them is that I want to knit some more of the garments in the A Feitelson book and all the colourways are J&S.

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It seems to me that there's no particular reason to use the exact same colourways, or to think that you couldn't get very similar ones from Jamieson's. I haven't sat down to compare the colourcards for the two companies, but I believe they have a lot of reasonably similar hues.

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Some people use the exact same colourways because they don't have enough confidence in their own sense of colour combination, and it would be pointless investing in money and time for a garment you would not then wear. Jesse has stated in the past that he would not be over confident with his own choices.

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Although not colourblind, I am definitely colour-challenged. I can select colours which I like but I'm hopeless at combining them in a satisfactory fashion. I think I'll order the Jamieson's colour card and see if I can possibly make the conversion from one to the other.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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I think that Sasha doll has more sweaters than I do at this point!

I haven't had serious RSI yet from knitting, but I do occasionally get some pain when I push myself too hard. One thing I've found helps me is to knit at a table to support the knitting, but from one of your comments it sounds like you have the opposite problem, and need more weight to the knitting.