4 New Lucy Neatby Instructional DVD's!

Lucy Neatby has to be one of the top knitting artists and instructors. I have her other DVD's and loved them. I was excited when I saw she has 4 new DVD's available and was not a bit disappointed with them. She continues to teach knitting in a practical and easy to understand manner. I learned so much from these DVD's. I find that I will put one into the player just to watch and have my learning reinforced.

These DVD's are: "Knitting Essentials 1 & 2", "Finesse Your Knitting 1" and "Double Knitting Delight". Here is the link:


The site lists the contents of each DVD. I highly recommend them for all levels of knitters!


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Thanks for your comments about these. I have wondered about them for a while, so, since you recommend them so highly I decided to try them. I just called the toll free number from her website about an hour ago and ordered Essentials #1 and #2. She lives in Nova Scotia, in Canada, and Lucy Neatby herself answered the phone and filled the order. It was like talking with God. *grin*



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I like her videos....have the Essentials...will have to order the other two...
Her "Sock Techniques" is good, too...

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I don't have the sock techniques DVD's. I can easily recommend her DVD's - she is a brilliant teacher.

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