Knits! on a Plane!

I'm not sure if I smuggled my knitting into the airport, or they actually allowed #6 circular needles. I'm going with smuggled, it sounds more bad-ass.

Knitting on the plane made the whole trip from Houston, TX to Oakland, CA go by fast. I cast on on the down low (under my jacket) at the gate, and sat at the back of the plane and napped and knitted for about four hours. I don't know what it is, but this trip has got to be one of the better trips I've been on. I didn't feel queasy during take off (first row on the round, that's always pretty tedious and annoying), and the turbulence didn't bother me at all. Not even the screaming baby that's a couple of rows in front of me.

I've put off knitting for awhile, things have been hectic, but I went back to it after I received an invite from Ravelry. Cool site, that.

Hooray and huzzahs all around, my thanksgiving vacation has officially commenced. (I'm now at my parents' kickass new house, in my jammies, drinking tea and listening to Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton -- could this get any better?) (Yes, a huge meal is coming up later.)


You are indeed fortunate to have avoided detection...
Last summer I was told Not To Knit, and rather than have any of my yarn or needles confiscated I hastily repacked them into my rucksack.

Mind you, two of my fifth graders have taken to knitting using pencils instead of needles... I suppose I could always try that...

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I've taken my knitting on a few flights and never had any problems. I just knit yesterday on my flight from Denver to Tucson and I plan to knit on my way home Saturday night too!


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For domestic travel in the US it's usually not an issue, but TSA inspectors can confiscate at their discretion so I've stuck to socks on short dpn's for the most part. Non-US regs are often more stringent, so knitting often has to be in checked luggage only.

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Smuggling knitting on a plane, what has the world come to that this type of hooligan is allowed to fly?

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