Got my invite for Ravelry and signed up. The name's still Murfpapa. Staring at the screen......where to begin....where to begin. I'm overwhelmed. If I start poking, prodding, exploring, filing, logging, checking out patterns I'll never have time to finish the Christmas presents. I'm...so....afraid.....


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What a great place to be.......I find it a wonderful time consumer.

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Come to the Dark Side Murfpapa, We have cookies!

I know what you mean, I started by putting in my needles since they were the most organized of the stuff I have. The fear is normal, but subsides after a few hours of roaming around, the good old high from doing something that is only productive in a knitter's mind sets in.

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Yeah there is a lot one can enter there. I haven't even started entering all of my needles and such. I'm TheKnittingGuy there.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

I like it for ideas and such. Maybe meet a few people.

Like I told someone else, it is like a big Superstore...alot of underlying activity, lots to see and sample. I prefer Mom and Pop stores. But will still visit the Superstore.

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I got in yesterday and have the same reaction- it's overwhelming. If I ever post anything there my tag is ImaNitzenpurler.

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Well I signed up for the waiting list yesterday. Just over 9,600 people ahead of me...LOL

What I want to know is, will their needle inventory program tell me where in my apartment I can find that Addi Turbo US 6 circular that I know I have?

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I'm afraid it won't... I've been waiting for it to tell me where two of my size 3 DPNs are and it's been absolutely unhelpful! oh well.

Grace and Peace,

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Have you checked the refrigerator?

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