Dyeing to Finish

I'm getting near the end of the BSJ, so it's really apparent how it's shaping up:


The problem is that I'm at the end of the original yarn, so I had to dye a bit more up to be able to finish it. Of course, it's pretty much impossible to make handspun match, especially if I didn't do the first batch and have no notes on it or even have any of the exact same yarn. What I ended up with is a reasonably close hue, though, and shouldn't clash with the original (though it'll look different).



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oh it's beautiful! both the sweater and the yarn. Gah I wish I could knit as fast as some of you guys do. I'm sooooo slow.

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Beautiful work. I may be assuming (since your profile says you live on an alpaca farm), but is it alpaca? I can't wait until I've really learned the basics and I'm at a skill level where I will allow myself to work with better fibers. I'm really in awe of the coloring, you're really talented.


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Don't wait!!!!
...buy some alpaca..and enjoy the touch...while you make mistakes...
...practice on the good stuff!!!!