Turkey Day and Ebay

OMG...so Turkey day has been awesome! We didn't have much Turkey, though (funny story), b/c my mother doing the frozen turkey breast thing, instead of the whole bird. Well, some of it had been sitting in out freezer at home since 2000. That's right, 2000. Needless to say, we ate a lot of ham and chicken....

So, the airports were pretty tame. I brought my bamboo needles so as to avoid any security issues. I figured, if I have to be there at 6 am, the last thing I need is for someone to hassle me about my size 7s. That, and I've heard of assuming security snatching needles from bags, and if someone made me drop ALL of my stitches, I'm pretty sure I'd go to jail that day. It wouldn't be pretty.

Knitting on the plane and in the terminal, I discovered some interesting things -- pretty much everyone is fascinated, but most are intimidated or just don't give a damn. A few people asked me what I was knitting (or how long I've been knitting....very popular question, and still don't know why), but generally, most would glance over and try to pretend that they were looking at something else. Kind of funny people-watching moment for me, really.

Oh, and VERY excited about this...I took someone's advice (an't remember who it was...sorry!) and looked up bamboo double-pointed needles on E-bay...They arrived at my house today, and were around $20 for a full set of like size 1 -size 13 or something...I am at my parents house right now, so I can't wait to get home to get them!

Well, if you're makin' a holiday sweater, be sure to put some extra ribbing in it -- I know that after all that eating, I need it!



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Hahahahaha! nothing like aged turkey! Well it sounds like it wasn't so horrible. Glad to hear you weren't delayed, hassled or otherwise put out by traveling during the holiday. Be sure to give us a full report on the bamboo needles!

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A new development -- I went shopping at Hobby Lobby today! Yes.....where I am, we only have Michaels. Hobby Lobby carries Yarn Bee (which is mostly novelty yarn) among other brands, but this line has LOTS of sales regularly. I know, I know, NOVELTY yarn is sooooo icky. I'll be the first one to admit that fancy alpaca, cashmere, or even just plain old wool can be soooo nice, not to mention all of that funky bamboo, silk, and banana stuff out there. However, for those of us who are "financially challenged", 99 cents a ball is a nice price! I think there are some great ways to use this stuff, you just have to be creative. There are actually some rather nice acrylics that feel very organic....soo nice...

Anyway, those of you out there near a Hobby Lobby....it's a good thing to check out! Btw...they usually have a 40% off internet coupon for anything that's NOT on sale. That's how I got my set of interchangeables!

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