In addition to knitting, I love to game as well...and my most recent game was aided by my affinity for knitting! I've been playing "Blue Dragon" and every so often, I come across a camp of sheep people (they're much cuter than they sound), and upon my first encounter, I immediately noticed the one ship off in the corner with a basket of yarns, needles, and whatnot. Three discs and 40 hours of gameplay later, I came across another knitting sheep in the complete opposite side of the world. She was stuck on her WIP (although she did not refer to it as a WIP...) and didn't know the rest of the stitches. So I teleported back to that previous camp and spoke with that knitting sheep. She knew how to continue with the pattern! I informed the sheep needing help and she was grateful but still stuck. I teleported to yet another one of these camps, located the heretofore unseen knitting sheep to acquire the last bit of the pattern. Upon delivering this news to the final sheep lady, she was able to finish her project and rewarded me handsomely for my assistance. How fun!!!!


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I've never played Blue Dragon, sounds like fun, might have to check it out! I play Anarchy Online, it's another addiction. Most times I play with my fiance, he kills the evil wrong doers while I knit, it works out well for me :)

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I wonder how many people miss that completely!
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