Sewing Thread

I would like to know is there a way I can knit with sewing thread.


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Sure you can - but personally I would not do it without an OTT lamp, one of theose magnifying devices;a simple pattern and a LOT of time.......

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I used to know a woman who used sewing thread and those long pins you use in quilting to knit with. She made clothes for the dolls in her doll house this way.
I personal think she's insane.

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Can I recommend you use tatting thread instead of sewing thread. It's tiny (we're talking about US Size 60-100...which is REALLY small) but it's not as harsh on the hands as sewing thread. I don't even usually tat with tatting thread (I prefer US size 30) but IMHO it's far more flexible and "workable" than sewing thread.

Basic colors (Black, White, etc) are available at places like Hobby Lobby...if you'd like something a little more colorful, drop me a PM and I'll get you some info. :-)

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Do a Google search for "miniature knitting". You'll find lots of info about it, and there's even specially made needles for it. Here's a Flickr collection of different mini knits that people have knit to give you an idea.

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I can't even knit those in normal size...that's crazy!