what happened?

I'm back. Yes, I've been knitting. Mostly hats, sweater repairs... I was up until 3 am retailoring a purple muppet of a cardigan for this lady... (no wool, all soft, fuzzy, muppet acrylic)... As I was finishing it..(I resized the panels...turning a box silhouette into a slim fit with a slight shaping at the bust and waist, I suddenly thought... Oh god, does this woman have a bust...is the shaping enough? Will the button-band, made of the same soft yarn, gap and look nasty?
Proof of the pudding....It looked PERFECT when she put it on today... Wrote me a check without even blinking... happy as a clam.

I always feel guilty when I get paid for fixing knitting mishaps.... But boy oh boy, I love putting that money in the bank, having heat and rent and food and gas money....

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So I click on the attachment, expecting to see some busty babe in a purple sweater, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . . . .


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Yeah, that was...


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Nice treat!

Unexpected, yes...unappreciated, nope.