Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great!

Hey everyone. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! Mine was very quiet. Can't believe that the Christmas Holidays are apon us. Where did time go? I thought I had more time to knit for Christmas, but once again, time has slipped by and I will have to result in the tradional buying of gifts again this year. Oh well, always next year. Barry-The Kilted Knitter


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Christmas! Yup - it's here; some of the stores have had it "here" for a couple months now. It's wierd, my family has always pretty much resisted the "commerical" Christmas; with a much more gradual buildup during the Advent season - and traditionally we have done all the decorating, etc only a day or two before Christmas - then keep the stuff up until Epiphany; which meant we were always still celebrating Christmas (and not tired of it) a week or two longer then anyone else. But I've been involved in a commercial Christmas entertainment for the last dozen-plus years; so Christmas starts for me on the day after turkey day and repeats over and over and over until the 25th. Gives one a whole new outlook on Scrooge.
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