Should I or shouldn't I?

So, I got this one sweater in to re-tailor...Men's, purple silky wool. It was knitted a wee bit too open and, per silk, has grown. I can wear it as is but it's a little oversized. The reason I mention this is that when I told the knitter, who made it for his walking partner ($120 yarn cost paid by walker pal) how much the retailoring would run...6-8 hours (If I reknit the button band, which he wanted me to do) would be $150-200.00. He didn't understand what was involved. I just looked at him and asked how long it too him to knit it, how long it took just to knit the buttonband. Give that an hourly rate and it mounts up fast.

Long story short. They thought all that work would run about $50, and I was sorry to tell them, no...not even close. SOOO. Here's the situation. It is way too big for either of them. It's too big for me, and I'm 230#... You get the idea. He's offered to sell it to me for $50 and $50 worth of the same yarn (which I have at my home in stash). Although I like the sweater, I wouldn't pay $50 for one, much less $100 for me, unless it was the cost of yarn for a sweater I was knitting myself~design process, blah blah blah. (You are talking to a man whose almost favorite sweaters came from a thrift store and (I retailor/rework them) cost of $1-5.

I DO, however, owe my Dad a sweater for X-mas. I could retailor it for him, and send it on. It is a GORGEOUS sweater. If I did part of the work, would it be odd? I wouldn't say that it was my work. I am sending Mom a handknit Kaffe Fassett cardigan (finally).

Your 2 cents?


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First off, welcome back. Your absence from the site has been noticed by more than one person.

Second, I wouldn't think it odd at all. Christmas is a time to splurge to show your appreciation for important people in your life, and so I don't think the price should be that much of an issue. You are still putting more thought and effort into the gift than most people ever do, so I wouldn't worry that not 100% of the work is your own.

I'd suggest giving it to your father and explain everything, along the lines of, "I loved the sweater, and realized that when I reworked it, it would look fantastic on you."

I agree with both--you have been missed here. Glad to see your smiling face. Biggest question, would you Dad like the sweater? As long as you thought he would like wearing it, don't worry that you didn't knit the whole thing....right? :)
Whatever you decide will be best for YOU.

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I concur! On all counts.
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It's hand made, and you're customizing it for him. I see nothing wrong with this at all. I guess I look at it like buying someone a ring, and having it sized to fit thier finger.

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I agree with what others have said. But I'd only pay the $50 bucks and keep my stash. If the seller doesn't take the $50, his loss. What's he going to do with the sweater anyhow? I'd say to him, $50 bucks is better than pitching the sweater. If the seller doesn't budge on the $50, you could just give your Dad an IOU and start from scratch and knit a sweater of your own choosing.