[insert string of swear words here]

I'm so sick of this effing squirrell. My boyfriend has been after me to knit a squirrel since I bought the pattern and yarn for it back, like, six+ months ago. So he's in Australia now for the next three weeks and figured I'd finally knit it for him as a Christmas present. I'm about to torch all this yarn AND the damn pattern for it.

Every time I think I'm finally "getting" it, I find that I've jacked it up beyond repair...or at least beyond repair that wouldn't be more difficult than just starting over. The pattern is multi-colored, with the tummy being a different color than the body. But our whole block has mostly nothing but blonde squirrels, so I had the fun idea of making it a blonde squirrel. So after my third or fourth re-start, I was finally getting everything right. Then I get to the top of the body and the pattern asks me to knit the front and the back separately, and I'm like, "How the hell do I do that?"

oh yeah...I was supposed to have a separate ball of yarn for each side of the squirrel that were joined by the second color in the center...but later on, this allows you to knit the two sides separately. I swear to God I'm going insane. i'm about to knit an amorphous blob, felt it, stuff it, then give it to my boyfriend and tell him is an amoeba or paramecium. This is way too difficult to not induce insanity.


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I feel your pain...I'd go for the amorphous blob :)

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is your ball center pull? You could knit from both ends of it: the inside and the outside. Then again amorphous blob sounds awesome. You could always say it was a squirrel but got hit by a car.

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Oooo, I like it....

"Here, babe, I made you knitted roadkill!!!"

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i think roadkill always has an important place in a relationship

Shoot, I got plenty in the yard digging up stuff I can just send you

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Dead or Alive, a squirrel is just not a nice gift, if you ship it alive, it's libel to spring out of the box and attack his face, if you ship it dead, well that's just wrong on at least one or two levels. No, animals are not nice gifts.

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