Welcome All!

WOW! Lately it seems like every time I sign on there are a couple of new people on the forum. Seems like only yesterday we were in awe that membership had topped 500.

Welcome! Can't say it often enough or stress it enough. Don't be afraid to ask questions - chances are there are any number of people here who were wondering the same thing not too long ago; or who have the reference book handy, or are Google Wizards....

If nothing else - it seems people around here are always ready to encourage, commiserate or offer opinions; or even just pass some pleasant time. Darren has done a great job with the site - explore! And Don't forget that if you are shy you can always use the Private Message function to ask your questions more privately - though you may get faster, and more copius answers on the regular blogs and forums.

My opinion of course, your Mileage may vary.