Crochet Gothic Sun Hat

Back from my Vacation to the Ancestral Lands, I was able to create a nice Tapestry Crochet Hat. I will share more of my vacation with you guys later.


albert's picture

You are influencing me more and more toward a minimalist colorwork design. I admire the crispness and simplicity you acheive by the discipline of using two colors vs. twenty. I love the hat- what would a knitted version look like? What was the inspiration for your design?

Crafty Andy's picture

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog My hat was inspired by the Gothic Quarters of Barcelona. A knit version will not be hard using the Colorstranding Techniques.

scenter's picture

Cool design Andy! I can also envision that motif you used as the centerpoint of a sweater - mainly a blue sweater with the sun design in gold on the chest, maybe some gold I-cord trim as accents.