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For my spin kin out there a tip: Many times I have tried to concoct a spinning oil to spray onto my fleece to cause the fibers to slip more easily and evenly as I spin. Until now I have not succeeded. Recently on a whim I tried mixing a few hefty squirts of Queen Helene Cocoa Butter hand lotion with water in a spray bottle. I have sprayed my fleece liberally and then let it dry out completely. I then picked and carded it and was pleasantly surprised to find that it spun up like a dream- and this is dyed wool which has had all the lanolin scoured out to facilitate dyeing. Worth a try folks.


Animal fibre needs no lubricant to enable easier spinning. You are not sufficiently pre-drafting your product. Take a small amount of your 'wool', 'fibre', and pull it apart lengthwise. Divide in half, and repeat. Now, you can spin it up as it has 'air' in it and the strands are isolated.

Spinning is not hard. It's one of those easy things that humans make difficult.

~Mike in Tampa
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"Predrafting" is the key word- the procedure you describe may work nicely but is time consuming. And keep in mind that the wool is altered by the scouring and dying process. You sound like a patient spinner- I was standing behind the door when the patience was handed out.