Crochet Gothic Sun Hat Lateral View

My hat was inspired by the Gothic Quarters of Barcelona. A knit version will not be hard using the Colorstranding Techniques. This is the Lateral view of the Hat. Thanks for stopping by!


Kerry's picture

Love your hat, Andy. You seem to make quite a few, what do you do with them?

RareSteek's picture

What a great hat. I can't help but wonder where you put them all? Or do you have a host of friends with cozy (and distinctive) heads thanks to you?


Crafty Andy's picture

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I kind of use some of them, give some away to friends and I actually sell some hats, it depends. I have actuallymade 4 to orderin which the person allows me to make the design I want, all I do is ask them to choose the yarn. At this time I actually have about 15 hats and I am in my way of getting rid of the old cotton hats and recycling them. I will be replacing my old hats with Bamboo or bamboo blends and the rest with merino wool. I want to make one with the Sari Silk Yarn, let's see what happens.