So I keep starting these socks, and then deciding that I don't like the stitch I'm doing, and starting over. Grr. Anyway, off to choir rehearsal a.k.a. prime knitting time.


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I know what you mean. Many knitters have the problem of having multiple projects in play at once, for me it's starting something, deciding I don't like it and frogging. Consequently I can't seem to get a frogging thing done.

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I have mastered the frog stitch! You need something unknitted? I'm the one for the job! I can unknit even the most grabbing of fibers with ease and a little finesse. I can barely do a purl stitch, but I can frog like nobodies business!

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And there's something about the stress relief involved when you get to pull out five inches+ of work, the ease at which the yarn comes out.

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Stress relief??? NO! Actually, when I start frogging, my blood pressure rises because I realize I am about to undo all this effort I have put in. It is only after the frogging is done do I relax, and reflect, and think "OK" now what shall we do with the spaghetti-with-a-perm we've made.

FWIW: What sock pattern are you trying? Is this your first sock? Are you on the double points, two circulars, or magic loop method?

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I found some site that gave basic sock to turn the heel, decrease at the toe, and where to keep the stitches to make it go easier, and then I just add my own touches. So far I've made about 3 pairs of socks, and for all I've used size six double pointed needles (simply soft yarn...makes nice thick socks) and I knit them from the leg down. I've been considering trying to learn toe-up socks but I've been too lazy to.