Calling All Mile High Knitters!

So I think we're going to try to get together this Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm at Dazbog's Coffee Shop on 9th and Downing. Post responses to this if you have any questions.


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Well, technically I'm a mile high knitter, as Bisbee has an elevation of 5300 feet. Somehow, though, I don't think I'm who you're targetting.

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Yeah, sorry! It's a short flight though...


Questions huh? What should I wear?????

Count me in! Not to get hung up on details, but does evening mean 5ish or 7ish? And what DOES one wear to a knitting?


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What sounds good to you all? 7pm? 8pm? I say we wear knitwear.


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Who's the guy in the yellow shirt? He's hot :) Sorry I know that didn't have anything to do with the topic lol.

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Sorry, don't know him. I guess he's just a model this coffee shop uses. You can see more of him at


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Agreed 100%!

wool socks=sexy

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...kinda makes you want to take a trip out to Denver and...




For me, earlier the better.

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So maybe even the afternoon (say between 3 and 5 or so)?


that's cool

I found someone on Queer Revelry that will join us.

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All right! So from 3 to 5 and I think we're set.


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So we met and had a great time! We're going to call ourselves Mile Guy Knitters. Our next get together is Sunday Jan. 6th at 3pm. We're going to meet at Fancy Tiger ( on Ellsworth and Broadway. Check out our group at Ravelry ( and at Yahoo! ( Happy knitting!