I just sent my sister a sweater which I knitted. The problem is, somehow I screwed up on the size and the arms are way too wide and floppy. I really don't have either the heart or the skill to take it all apart and try again so the question is: "Do I cut my loses and tell her to give it to someone with really fat arms?" :-) Or, "What would happen if I turned it inside out, got a sewing machine, ran a seam a few times up the inside of the arms and then cut off the excess?" I know, it sounds horrible to everyone's knitting soul but that is about all I could face doing at this point. Would the whole thing unravel? Isn't that sort of what a steek is about, or at least the principle?

She is talking about a controlled shrink in hot water and dryer etc. However the sweater is knit with two yarns together made of different stuff so the 2 yarns would probably shrink at different rates and make it all pucker?

I know, I am desperately casting about for a solution that does not involve taking the whole thing apart, mainly because I simply know I will never get around to doing that. Any suggestions?

With apologies if my musings shock anyone. I know its wrong and evil.


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I know my grandmother used to "alter" sweaters and other knit items with her sewing machine...How are the shoulders? you might want to take some of the excess off along the outer edge of the sleeves...

I'd probably PM grandcarriage on this one....

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if the sweater is fine ...except for the width of the arm...
Baste the new seam by hand with big stitches...try it on...adjust..then...
Mark and sew the new seam with a small, narrow zigzag stitch...(so it has some stretch)
Let me know if you need more detailed help.