Etsy, anyone?

I mentioned it before, but I found this site called's pretty cool! For thsoe who are new to it, it's a HUGE group of crafters selling their wares (or wears..ha ha. I'm sad). It's like Ebay, but cooler, in my opinion! I started a little shop...

More to come later...any suggestions?

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Etsy can be a dangerous site for the wallet, but I've gotten some really nice stitch markers there and yarn from my friend Carol (Black Bunny Fibers).

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Fearless Fibers on Etsy has some nice lace and sock yarns, also Pancake & Lulu.

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I'm avoiding etsy until after xmas or my credit card is going to need intensive care!

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Etsy is a great site. I have a piece of it, www. I haven't used it in a while, but will be posting new things there soon.