Well, That Was A Waste Of Time

I finally finished my first project, a beanie (london beanie) that I found on the net. After taking it on a plane and knitting a week, HA! Ugliest hat ever. I must have missed a lot of rows, because the decrease was not enough and it bunched up the crown, making it the shortest, most hideous bunch of yarn I've seen so far. The colors are nice, it's just that everything about that hat's shape is wrong.

Lessons learned:
1. Who cares about jogless stripes, honestly. I tried to use jogless stripes multiple times on this project, but in the end, I ended up undoing the stripe, and doing it the normal way. Eh, not really that big of a deal. More trouble than it's worth.

2. Your cast-on expands after knitting, therefore, don't try to measure what was cast on on your head. Gee, that cast on that the pattern calls for looks a bit small. Let's add in a couple more multiples of stitches, wrap the circular around your head, and try to cram in there as many stitches on the cast on to complete the circle. Effin' brilliant strategy, Einstein.

3. Techniques really change the tension of my knitting. If I were to knit by throwing, it tightens the knits on the needle. Knitting by picking keeps the tension even. You know what's not advisable? Switching between throwing and picking between every couple of stitches. Pick a style and stick with it.

4. I am so NOT ready for fair isle.

Great, more yarn to play with.


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Yup, we makes our mistakes and we learns our lessons.

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Well you learned something not a total waste of time, and numbers 3 and 4 would be more like an epiphanies wouldn't they? I've always wanted to have an epiphany, the closest I have ever come though is realizing that if I pulled out all those plastic drawer things from my storage, I could use THOSE to put my stash in!

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See, it wasn't a total waste of time after all. It's like you learned stuff....