FO - The Tucson Suguaro Cap

Matt and I spent Thanksgiving down in Tucson - I was inspired by the landscape (and beautiful weather) to try to make a saguaro cactus beanie. So this is my attempt at it, with the desert mountains and blue sky. The friends we were visiting said that, depending on their mood, they felt like the saguaros are either cheering them on or flipping them off. They are definitely like "people". I've been to Tucson twice now, but only in November and December. I've loved it both times... never been in the middle of summer though.


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While sitting here trying to put my thoughts about your hat into words, my son walked by and said "Awesome hat, but I hate suguaro cactus" hahaha I agree with him for a change on something, it's definately Awesome!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I can see the sky and the mountains and the desert,the saguaros are very nice. Thanks for sharing, itis a great looking hat.

1. Did you use stranding or Bobbins? (for the multiple cacti)

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Thanks for the comments! I used stranding!! Stranding all the way! I'm trying to practice my stranding, although I can totally see that bobbins could be used here. I think I might come upon a project soon where I'm stranding and using bobbins all at once. What you would have done for the multiple cacti?


Nice the mountains and sky.

Lived in Phoenix for a year during a record number of 100 degree days. I disliked it after awhile. I need some clouds and I NEED RAIN! All this sunshine and happiness in CO can drive me nuts.

Oh...and about Saturday...I am pretty shy so don't take it as snobbery.

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I like it. Very cool and unique.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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This really turned out well. Thanks for showing it off!

As for visiting Tucson in the summer, you really aren't missing much. Well, unless the fires of Gehenna have always sounded like a pleasant vacation stop. Now Bisbee, on the other hand, never gets intolerable no matter what time of year.

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That is so freakin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Job!!!


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